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Pope Francis' visit to have lasting impact on country's consciousness, political landscape, says Palace official

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Pope Francis' visit to have lasting impact on country's consciousness, political landscape, says Palace official

MANILA, Jan. 16 -- Pope Francis could have a long-term impact on Filipinos and the country because he is such a hugely charismatic figure, a Palace official said.

When Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines in 1995, he made a personal impact on many Filipinos, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. said on Thursday.

A charismatic and popular figure like Pope Francis is a magnet that attracts millions, he said during a press conference at the Manila Hotel.

"The presence of a Pope in our country always brings on a spiritual renewal, a feeling of tremendous inspiration because it is not every day that we are visited by the Vicar of Christ, and especially coming at a time when we are dealing with many challenges and we have a Pope that is able to give us enlightenment and guidance on how to discern what appropriate responses we could make in light of these challenges," Coloma said.

The pope's visit will also have an impact on the country's political landscape as the Philippines gears towards national elections next year, he said, adding that this is amplified with the papal visit's theme of "mercy and compassion".

"These are very basic, very deeply emotional concepts that could find resonance in the heart of every Filipino, very much in line with our caring and sharing culture," he said.

The Filipinos, he noted, are able to sustain one another because of their extended family system that is simply a manifestation of a culture of caring and sharing.

Coloma said he thinks the visit will also provide a good opportunity for Filipinos, and especially the country's leaders, to be more discerning, reflective and considerate of the values that are indicated by the concepts of mercy and compassion.

He said he sees that in the coming years, even in the country's economic policy, the concepts of mercy and compassion will amplify on the present focus on inclusive growth, more than just attaining higher Gross Domestic Product figures.

"We are now more focused on establishing a more equitable and a more just society that would have definite implications on the political reforms that need to be looked at after this season of grace," he said. (PCOO/as) - See more at:

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