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Palace welcomes survey results showing drop in unemployment figures April 30, 2015

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Palace welcomes survey results showing drop in unemployment figures April 30, 2015
The decrease in unemployment, based on the latest quarterly survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS), shows that the government is on the right track in terms of its job-generating efforts, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda has said.

The survey, which covered the first quarter of 2015, shows that adult unemployment in the country has plunged to 19.1 percent from 27 percent in December 2014. 

“This is consistent with the results of the January 2015 Labor Force Survey, which also indicated a decrease in unemployment. The SWS survey also noted an increase in job availability optimism, with 38 percent of adults — up from the 36 percent recorded in the last quarter of 2014 — saying that the number of available jobs will increase in the next 12 months,” Lacierda said in a statement issued on Wednesday. 

“As the President has repeatedly said, the Filipino people are our nation’s greatest resource. Along with the administration’s reforms, it is their characteristic optimism and diligence that has attracted increased investor confidence in the country, thereby boosting our economy and opening up greater opportunities for our citizens,” he said.

“This virtuous cycle of growth and empowerment is evident in figures such as this, which show the cumulative effect of gains we have achieved in recent years.” 

The Palace official reiterated the administration’s commitment to continue treading the straight path of governance. 

“As the past few years have shown, reforms lead to increased investments, which in turn lead to more and better livelihoods for our people. The well-being of each Filipino individual is of utmost importance to the Aquino government, and it is this concern that continues to inspire us as we press toward our goal of a more inclusive and prosperous nation,” Lacierda said. 

The survey, conducted from March 20 to 23 among 1,200 respondents nationwide, put the joblessness rate at 19 percent, or about 9 million adults. The figure is almost 8 percent less than the 27 percent, or about 12.4 million adults, recorded last December.
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