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Govt remains focused on achieving inclusive growth

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Govt remains focused on achieving inclusive growth July 10, 2013
Malacanang said achieving inclusive growth will remain the administration’s goal to address economic inequality but told the public that such a target will not be achieved overnight.

The National Statistical Coordination Board reported on the widening gap between the rich and the poor that may have economic and social implications.

But Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda doubted the NSCB report’s correctness in a press briefing in Malacanang Wednesday.

“There has been a growth even in the lowest levels and if you notice the growth, for instance, there’s a growth of eight percent in the lowest level; four percent in—three-plus in the middle income; and, from the high, it is about 10,” he explained.
“All those growths, if you notice, are above inflation rates. Inflation is 3.2 percent. There’s real growth even in the low level.”

But the real challenge for the administration is addressing inclusive growth, he said.
“From the very start of our administration, we have said that we are going to bat for inclusive growth and it’s not going to happen overnight. We are continuously doing it and making sure that no one would be left behind,” he said.

Part of the government thrust is job creation. Producing jobs not only for the unskilled laborers but also for skilled workers, he noted.

For instance, the government eyes to create more jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing sector, he said. It is also ready to grant loans to those who want to venture on entrepreneurship.

The government also wants to make sure that the business environment is conducive for more foreign investments, he said believing the administration is already in that track.
“We are in the right track. In fact, Secretary Arsenio Balisacan has mentioned that we are now in a new growth trajectory,” he said.

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