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DOF-BLGF publishes online LGU performance scorecards for fiscal sustainability

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DOF-BLGF publishes online LGU performance scorecards for fiscal sustainability

In an initiative to promote transparency and good governance at all levels, the Department of Finance-Bureau of Local Government Finance (DOF-BLGF) is rolling out the Local Government Unit (LGU) Fiscal Sustainability Scorecard as a regular fiscal and financial management performance assessment of all LGUs. This scorecard is published online via Iskor ng ‘yong Bayan (

The LGU Fiscal Sustainability Scorecard, developed through the Department’s Fiscal Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the BLGF, takes into account key results areas of local revenue generation capacity, local collection growth, expenditure management, updating of Schedule of Market Values, and reportorial compliance of treasurers and assessors with the DOF and BLGF. This is in line with DOF’s mandate to supervise and monitor the revenue operations of LGUs.

The project is part of the DOF’s Transparency Initiative, which aims to use the power of data to drive performance. The project envisions that to improve LGU governance, increasing transparency and public accountability, especially on the level of local treasurers and assessors, is paramount. The LGU Fiscal Sustainability Scorecard aims to establish a regular fiscal performance assessment of LGUs. These scorecards are made publicly available so local treasurers and assessors are also accountable to the public.

Using official quarterly and year-end reports submitted by all local treasurers (through the electronic Statement of Receipts and Expenditures [SRE]) and assessors (through the Quarterly Report on Real Property Assessment) to the BLGF, the LGU Fiscal Sustainability Scorecard aims to institutionalize the regular publication of fiscal indicators and the performance review of LGUs in the spirit of accountability and good local financial housekeeping.

The preliminary performance review for 80 provinces and 121 cities covering 2009 to 2012 are published and available for download on Iskor ng ‘yong Bayan. In the interest of transparency, the SRE reports and the Schedules of Market Values used as basis in determining real property tax are also readily available for download through the said portal.

To learn more about the LGU Fiscal Sustainability Scorecard and access data on your LGU, click through to the Iskor ng ‘yong Bayan page at

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