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Tawi-Tawi receives livelihood support from DA

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Tawi-Tawi receives livelihood support from DA

Cassava farmers receive the cassava grater and presser from DA-SELAP in the presence of the municipal mayor and barangays officials.
Cassava farmers receive the cassava grater and presser from DA-SELAP
in the presence of the municipal mayor and barangays officials.
The Department of Agriculture through its Support to Emergency Livelihood Assistance Project (DA-SELAP-II) has turned over three projects to the Municipality of Panglima Sugala in Tawi-Tawi recently.

Panglima Sugala Mayor Rejie Sahali-Generale received Farm-to-Market Road (FMR), Trading Post and eight units cassava grater with presser for a total of P7.2 million.

The 1KM concrete FMR is located in Barangay Thumbhill connecting to Sitio Siola that covers 250 hectares of agricultural commodities like banana, cassava, coconut and rice. The trading post is established in the Poblacion of Barangay Batu-Batu where it serves as the center for market in the entire municipality. The eight units Cassava grater and presser are distributed to different farmer associations (FA). They are Interior Magsaggao FA and Upper Magsaggao FA in Barangay Magsaggao; Kabbun Jati FA in Barangay Sumangday; Thumbhill FA in Barangay Thumbhill; Batu-Batu FA in Barangay Batu-Batu; Kulape Kasanyangan FA, Kulape Karayawan FA and Kasambuhan FA in Barangay Kulape. Farmer leaders represented the association in accepting the project in the presence of the municipal mayor.  The local government of Panglima Sugala has shared a counterpart fund source of over P700,000 for the implementation of the projects in the area.

Mayor Sahali-Generale expressed gratitude to the department for the delivery of the projects to the municipality, saying “the FMR will support the farmers to bring their agri-products to the market much faster and with less crop damage. This road would also allow the entry of basic services to the area such as health support, education, including eco-tourism opportunities. I am thankful, the people of Panglima Sugala are all grateful for these projects. We will take care of these projects to last a long time.”

During the turnover ceremony, Engr. Jerome Jamanulla, SELAP focal person acknowledged the efforts of the Tawi-Tawi provincial government and the LGU for promoting DA programs and abiding by the process in accessing to Special Projects of the DA. Engr Jamanulla said “the DA will continue to provide support through these kinds of projects in areas that need them the most. We hope to see the development in your area in the coming months and years; like in the previous years, Panglima Sugala was also a recipient of another FMR and a municipal fish landing dock.” He also retorted that Tawi-Tawi province as a whole is a peaceful place contrary to some negative statements generally referring to ARMM provinces.

Also present in the turnover program were DAF-ARMM Provincial Director Dr. Sahajim Hassan, PDO Al-Basir Mohammad, the Municipal Engineer and DA-SELAP support staff Marissa Mohammad.

The SELAP is a special project of the Department of Agriculture funded under the United States Public Law 480 (US-PL480). The program provided government to government sales of agricultural commodities under the long-term credit arrangements. The proceeds generated from the sale of commodities are appropriated to provide funds for various livelihood projects to support the over-all Philippine agricultural development.  SELAP is considered specifically for regions IX, XI, XII, XIII, and ARMM.

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