Friday, October 30, 2015

PNP issues safety tips in observance of Undas

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PNP issues safety tips in observance of Undas


The Philippine National Police has issued safety tips to the public as millions are expected to leave their homes in the city and provinces to troop to the cemeteries this Undas (All Saints’ Day) week to pay respects to their dead.

For the PNP, maintaining peace and order should work both ways. It asked the public to remain vigilant and cooperate by doing their part in preventing crimes.

The Police Community Relations Group advised the public on what to do before leaving their homes, while traveling, and when they are in the cemeteries.

For those who will be leaving their houses without a caretaker:

 Make sure all doors and windows are locked. If possible, block them so neighbors will know if burglars try to break in.

 Installing burglar alarms at home is recommended.

 Do not leave notes outside the house indicating you will be away. Leave the radio on so it will look like someone is inside the house.

 Ask trusted neighbors to keep guard over the house and inform them of the trip details.

 Do not leave candles and plugged appliances, especially electric or gas stove, unattended.

 Do not leave items outside the house (e.g. clothes, bicycles, vehicles).

When hitting the road, the PCRG urges the public to follow some travel tips. For those bringing their own vehicle:

 Keep in mind the “blowbagets” rule: battery, light, oil, water, brakes, air, gas, engine, tire and self. Make sure all of them are in good condition before traveling.

 Always bring your driving documents, including driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance certificate.

 Make sure the safety lock of your car doors are working, especially if you are traveling with children.

 Avoid one-handed driving and never use a cell phone while on the road.

 If you are driving at night, use headlights and signal lights properly.

 As much as possible, don’t bring a car if you have the option to walk going to the cemetery.
For those taking public transport:

 Avoid wearing expensive and flashy jewelry. Avoid bringing large amounts of money.
 Don’t bring too many items when commuting.

 For women, children and senior citizen commuters, it is advised to be early at bus terminals, airports and seaports.

 Report immediately to authorities if you see a suspicious-looking person or package within the immediate vicinity.

 Be wary of pickpockets inside vehicles. Report incidents to the nearest Police Assistance Post.
Once inside the cemetery, the PCRG advises to:

 Bring sufficient food and water. Always remember that liquor is not allowed in cemeteries.

 Have protection against heat and rain (e.g. umbrella, face towel, cap, shades, raincoat).

 Never bring deadly weapons. This include firearms, ammunition, and bladed weapons.

Supt. Josef Angeles of the PNP public information office said persons carrying guns, especially if found to be unregistered, would be arrested.

“Anyone who will violate the Revised Penal Code and special laws will be put under arrest,” Angeles said.
 Refrain from using loud speakers and gambling (e.g. playing cards)
 Place candles in a safe areas to avoid fire.

 Remind children not to roam around when in crowded places. Have them wear IDs or put notes in their pockets for their identification.

 Maintain cleanliness in surroundings. Bring your own trash bag and put it in the right disposal area.
 Take note of the first aid stations and police assistance booths in case of emergency.







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