Human Rights

Human Rights is defined as the supreme, inherent, and inalienable rights to life, to dignity, and to self-development. It is concerned with issues in both areas of civil and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights founded on internationally accepted human rights obligations to which the Philippine Government is a state party.

All Human  rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and inter-related.


Rights can be classified according to following:

1.  Individual Rights – are those rights being accorded to individuals.

2.  Collective Rights -  (also called ” people rights” or “solidarity rights” are those rights of the society that can be enjoyed only in company with others.  Examples are, Right to Peaceably Assemble, right to peace, right to development, right to self determination, and right to environment.

3.  Civil Rights – are those which the law will enforce at the instance of private individuals for the purpose of securing to them the enjoyment of their means of happiness.  They include the rights against involuntary servitude and imprisonment for non-payment of debt or poll tax; the constitutional rights of the accused; the social and economic rights; liberty of the abode and changing the same.  Freedom of speech, of expression, and the right to form an associations are likewise civil rights.  however, they partake of the nature of political rights when they are utilized as a means to participate in the government.

4.  Political Rights – are those rights which enable us to participate in running the affairs of the government either directly or indirectly.  Example are Right to Vote, rights to information on matters of public concern, and the right to initiative and referendum.

5.  Economic and Social Rights – are those which the law confers upon the people to enable them to achieve social and economic development, thereby ensuring them their well being, happiness and financial security.  Examples are the right to property, education, and promotion of social justice.

6.  Cultural Rights – are those that ensure the well-being of the individual and foster the preservation, enrichment, and dynamic evolution of national culture based on the principle of unity and diversity in a climate of free artistic and intellectual expression.

Uphold those Rights:

Complaints and Actions Government Agency:

1. Commission on Human Rights – See CHR-Philippines for  info and Links
2. Any Enforcement Agency ( Police and NBI or Department of Justice )
3. Presidential Human Rights Commission
4. Local Municipalities Assistance (Mayors Offices)
5. BHRAC – Barangay Human Rights Actions Center

                  Any Respective Barangay in the Philippines with established BHRAC

Other Actions and Assistance:
1.  Media
2.  NGO”s ( Human Rights )
a. Gabriela for Women’s Rights
b. ETC….
3.  Human Rights Groups / Organizations
a. Human Rights Advocacy

Administrative Punishment on Sexual Harassment

Republic of the Philippines 


See Sexual Harassment on Sectoral Rights

Administrative Code of the Philippines





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