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PNVSCA calls for participants for this year’s National Volunteers Month

From the Website of GPH - Government of the Philippines

PNVSCA calls for participants for this year’s National Volunteers Month

From the National Economic and Development Authority, Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency
The culture of volunteerism is a proud legacy of the Filipinos as a people and as a nation. Service is our way of life, as the practice of bayanihan or mutual cooperation has long been instilled in our consciousness.

Over the years, volunteerism has become instrumental in improving the lives of the needy and marginalized. Volunteers who willingly devote their time and services to others serve as indispensable partners of the nation in the pursuit of social change.

Volunteerism has played an important role in helping the nation cope with recent crises and disasters. The impact of volunteers is not only felt by the victims of disasters. They have also managed to inspire others to facilitate change even in small, simple ways. Undoubtedly, volunteerism has enabled the country to rise above challenges and move forward.

The National Volunteer Month (NVM) celebrated every December pays tribute to the commitment and dedication of volunteers, regardless of class, age, gender, expertise, and interest, who are united by a common goal of achieving equality, peace, and development. NVM recognizes their significance in nation-building. It honors the silent heroes who work without regard for material reward and find fulfillment in witnessing the change in the lives of people and communities they have touched.

The NVM 2014 theme “Volunteering for the Environment” is a timely platform to translate the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on environmental sustainability and its vital implications to the climate and the future of the next generation. Volunteers, volunteer service organizations, and volunteerism stakeholders are called and encouraged to be part of the unceasing campaign to protect, preserve, and sustain our environment through participation in national and local policy and plan development, promotion and advocacy, and supporting programs, projects, and activities for environmental causes.
NVM calls on all sectors of the Philippine society to collective and synergized action to
  • pursue active awareness campaigns in the home, school, workplace, community, and the media to bring out the right information and perspectives about environmental issues and concerns;
  • offer our time, talents, skills and other resources in undertaking environmental programs, projects and activities; and
  • showcase and recognize the good practices in volunteering for the environment.
Let us volunteer to celebrate the national volunteer month!

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