Friday, July 31, 2015

Roxas: Quake Drill bolsters Gov't preps for 'THE BIG ONE'

Roxas: Quake Drill bolsters Gov't preps for 'THE BIG ONE'

  Secretary of the Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas joined other cabinet secretaries on Thursday (July 30) during an earthquake drill that simulated preparation and response activities of government agencies in an event of a strong quake hitting Metro Manila. 

“Earthquakes can happen anytime without warning. It is best that we are doing this [earthquake drill] to prepare ourselves when the real one occurs,” Roxas said during the briefing of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) at Camp Aguinaldo.

After the sirens went off for 45 seconds, NDRRMC officials and other personnel gathered in an open field in front of the Aguinaldo Grandstand where the NDRRMC set up a command post and a monitoring center.

As vice chairperson of the NDRRMC, Roxas said that preparedness and alertness are among the key factors needed to lessen the impact of disasters, which greatly affect the lives of many Filipinos.

During the simulation, Roxas became part of the response cluster as head of DILG. He immediately manned the post where DILG personnel will help in the assessment of establishments including government buildings and vital installations like airports and communications facilities.

As part of the drill, Roxas also called up President Aquino to ensure his safety and the safety of other Palace officials.

“Among the most important is the safety of the President, because it is within his power and authority to deploy resources on the grounds when people need it most,” Roxas added.

The DILG chief also said that the drill simulates scenarios where both the government and the people work together for the welfare of all Filipinos.

“Pero ang mainam ay nakahanda tayo, hindi lamang ang gobyerno ngunit pati na rin ang mga Pilipino. Ang mainam pa rin na kahandaan ay ang pagsunod sa building code nang sa gayon ay kung yumanig man ay mananatiling nakatayo ang mga istrukturang ito,” Roxas said.

NDRRMC chairman and Secretary of Defense Voltaire Gazmin said that there will be an assessment of the performance of government agencies to address gaps during the drill.



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